New Fresh Paint Coming October 18

One of the most popular programs on Windows 8 and Windows Phone got a huge announcement on Friday, as Microsoft via its Windows Experience Blog announced the new version is coming October 18th, 2013. The new programs will be official in a week or so, and bring a ton of new updates.

Fresh Paint by Microsoft is a hugely popular program of all ages, and gives users the ability to draw, edit pictures, and create images on their computers, laptops, phones, and mobile devices. The new Fresh Paint is set for the October 18th date as is Windows 8.1, and should make users happy.

Fresh Paint For Windows 8.1 Gets Major Updates

Original Updates & More

In the preview that was announced, Microsoft announced that Fresh Paint would include a new graphite pencil set, and a new clean, modern user interface. Now, included will also be a way to make high quality prints, new ways to work with photos, stylus improvements, and realistic rendering for watercolors. In addition, Windows Phone gets huge improvements as well.

With these improvements, Fresh Paint is becoming a brand new program, and one that Windows 8.1 users with touch screens will want to use right away. The updates are numerous in the blog update, and should satisfy most Fresh Paint users.

Inspire Me Added To Fresh Paint Updates From Microsoft

Canvas Pop & More

Canvas Pop will be a way to make high-quality prints of paintings and sketches. Users will be able to swipe up from the bottom of their image and tap print, and the image will be sent to CanvasPop, who will print the image, hand frame it, and ship it to you.

In addition to CanvasPop, an Inspire Me tile will be there with inspirational images to import, apply a filter to, and paint. The images will be safe for all to use, and will be available immediately when starting Fresh Paint. Also, image filters, custom palettes, drawing with pencils on Windows Phone, and others will be available as well. Most users will notice the photo filters and an updated user interface that will be consistant to where they use the program.

All of these updates for Fresh Paint are great for users, and with its integration into SkyDrive for saving, users will find new ways to paint, which should make most artists very happy.

Published: Wednesday, October 23rd, 2013 Last Modified: October 23, 2013

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