New Feature in Windows 8: Quick Access Toolbar With Undo, Redo, Delete Button

Customizing Quick Access ToolbarWondering what Microsoft is doing to make Windows 8 easier to use? They added a quick access toolbar to the Windows 8 explorer that you can customize and add a Undo, Redo, Delete button to it.

Microsoft is hard at work making Windows 8 the best mobile OS there is, but they are also making changes to the way how we use the operating system and how quickly we can get things done. One great addition in my opinion is the new “Quick Access Toolbar”

Let’s take a quick closer look at this “toolbar”:

Customizing Quick Access Toolbar

As you can see you can quite easily customize it and add a Undo, Redo, Rename and Delete button to the Windows Explorer. Back in Windows 7 you still had to use some tricky registry tweaks to add a Delete button the Windows explorer

Other buttons on the toolbar are “New Folder”, “Properties” and an icon that displays the current folder type or hard drive type.

Moving The Quick Access Toolbar

Don’t like the position of the Quick Access Toolbar? Simply move the toolbar below the explorer ribbons so you can access it more quickly:

Moving The Quick Access Toolbar Below Explorer Ribbons

Microsoft hasn’t made it clear whether or not they will support “drag and drop” in the final Windows 8 version (RTM) for this particular toolbar, but it would make a lot of sense to me because there’s still so much room for more icons and it should definitely not be wasted.

I’ll keep you posted on what Microsoft does with the Quick Access Toolbar, but I like the changes so far and I even got used to the Explorer ribbons. Kudos to Microsoft for making it really intuitive to use.

Published: Wednesday, March 21st, 2012 Last Modified: March 21, 2012

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