New Facebook Messenger App Launches For Windows Phone

Facebook in all its glory is one of the most visited web sites around, and its messenger product for all mobile platforms has gotten updates to give users a number of new features. Windows Phone was the last one to get the updates, and on Friday got the latest updates. It will help users communicate easier on Facebook and chat easier on Windows Phone.

For those who don’t know, Facebook Messenger is the standalone application from Facebook that allows chatting with other Facebook users. It’s had it criticisms on Android and other platforms for its permissions, but for Windows Phone it’s been smooth sailing. The latest updates are available starting today from Windows Phone.

Microsoft and Facebook Update Facebook Messenger For Windows Phone

What’s New?

One of the biggest updates to Facebook Messenger is the ability to sync your contacts easier with Messenger. All is takes is a simple tap to sync, and your contacts will now sync up with Facebook Messenger. This will keep all of your contacts in one area, and if you want to use just their phone number to communicate with, you have that option, which for some works easier.

Additionally, users will now have the ability to add colorful drawings, text-to-photos, and photos from their camera before sending them. For those who like to send photos to other users, possibly draw pictures to them, or annotate existing photos, this can be a big thing. The ability to send photos on Facebook Messenger continues to be a big thing, and many do this frequently.

New Facebook App Launches For Microsoft's Windows Phone Platform

Bug Fixes and More Uses

Third up, Facebook actually went through the entire app for Windows Phone and cleaned up a lot of code, which makes the app run faster and more efficiently for Windows Phone. Many users complained that the app ran slowly on Windows Phone, and this was a concern for Windows Phone makers and Facebook. By cleaning up the code, it makes for a better app for Facebook users.

The Facebook Messenger app allows for sending messages, bringing conversations together, allows for notifications for current conversations, and allows for a number of interesting conversations to be enjoyed easier on the phone. The new app has new log in features, updated overall stability, and has been vastly updated to give Facebook users a brand new app to enjoy.

If you use Facebook then download the new app. Microsoft’s Windows Phone needed this and now its live.

Published: Monday, November 17th, 2014 Last Modified: November 17, 2014

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