New Data Center Planned For Washington

Documents revealed over the weekend, and later into Monday, pointed that Microsoft is investing additional dollars into the state of Washington. The $11 million investment in Quincy, Washington is scheduled to become Microsoft’s next data center and create jobs in the area.

As revealed by the Port of Quincy via a press release, Microsoft is looking to invest in the state, and build additional data centers to promote jobs and the economy within the state. It is one of the largest deals in the port history, and should please many in the area.

Microsoft Spends $11 Million For New Datacenter In Port Quincy, Washignton

Details On Plan

In the plan, Microsoft is purchasing 200 acres of industrial property from the Port of Quincy. In the purchase, Microsoft is planning to build a data center on the property and then have up to 100 people staff the data center. Microsoft has another data center there that they built in 2007, and should be completed by 2015.

In the purchase, Microsoft is looking to expand its datacenter prescense like other tech companies in that area. They Port of Quincy has hydroelectric dams that power the area, and the town has high levels of connectivity thanks to deals with providers like Level 3. The server farms across the area are known to many tech companies already.

Second Datacenter For Microsoft In Port Quincy In The Works

Why Port Quincy?

In investing in the Port Quincy area, Microsoft joins other tech companies like Yahoo, Dell, Sabey, Vantage, and Intuit in the area. The area will give Microsoft a data center that is up to three times the size of its current data center, and should be a boom for Microsoft in its capabilities to power cloud computing.

The sale according to the press release has been under discussion with Microsoft for over a year, and Microsoft is very anxious to get started on building up there. The $11 million dollar price for Microsoft is a drop in the bucket, compared to the cost of the data center overall, and should give 100 highly qualified Microsoft engineers and technicians a new place to call home, outside of Redmond. This deal is big for Microsoft, and big for the server friendly area of Port Quincy, as the release states.

This is big for Microsoft and the state of Washington. It gives them 100 jobs, and gives them a new datacenter to build locally within the area.

Published: Tuesday, December 24th, 2013 Last Modified: December 24, 2013

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