New Cydia Search

Cydia is a well-known software application that runs on mobile devices that use the iOS, such as the iPhone, the iPod Touch, or the iPad. The new Cydia search can also be used online from a laptop/desktop PC.

New Cydia Search

Cydia can be used directly on the mobile device for on-the-go needs. However, the new Cydia search can be quite handy.

What is a Cydia Search?

A Cydia search will allow someone to find jailbroken applications that are available for download from the Cydia application. While this can be done on a mobile phone, it can be slow and hard to see this way. That is why a new Cydia Search website allows users to find applications on their desktop or laptop computer. The search allows the user to filter the user by searching for the author of the application, the app category, the description, the title, and more. Since there are so many applications available, this Cydia search is a great way to narrow down the results to fit personal needs.

Where Can I Find Cydia Search?

The new Cydia Search is available to use online for free at You can access this website through many different internet browsers, including Internet Explorer, Safari, Mozilla Firefox, and Google Chrome. The Cydia Search website is updated every hour, ensuring that all the newest applications are included, as well as any updates for previously released apps. Each application that is available for download on your mobile device will have their own website with more detailed information.

Why Using Cydia Search is Easier

While users can search for Cydia applications on their mobile device, it can be much more convenient to use a regular sized computer to perform a search. For starters, it is easier to type on a desktop or laptop keyboard then it is to try and type on a mobile phone. There is also more control when using a full sized computer. Multiple browsers or tabs can be open at the same time, and things can be bookmarked for future reference. The new Cydia Search also allows people to put in more information into their search, giving them more precise results.

Other Benefits of Cydia Search

There are numerous other benefits to using the new Cydia Search on a computer. A user can get more information about an application by using this website. Cydia Search will give the size of the application, what the cost of it is, whether or not it is from a trusted company, and what kind of application it is. Using the website version of the search also gives the person the ability to browse through different applications by their category. If they find an application they are interested in, they will know the specific name of the application, so it can be downloaded easily on the mobile device.

For people who have trouble searching for applications on their mobile device, such as an iPhone or an iPod, the new Cydia Search can be a great alternative. It is easy to use, and all that is needed is a computer with an internet connection. Then the applications suited to the user can be found easily.


Published: Wednesday, June 1st, 2011 Last Modified: June 1, 2011

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