New Cross Device Tracking Developed By Microsoft

In an interesting article out today, Microsoft was discussed as one of the main companies who is developing its own tracking technology to replace the traditional cookie that is used to track users on the web. The new technology will make the cookie look obsolete soon.

The new technology by Microsoft is said to be used across the variety of its devices, including the desktop, mobile phones, and the Xbox. The tracking technology being tested will let users be tracked as they use devices thus giving advertisers and Microsoft better ways to see how users surf the web and more.

Microsoft Working On Ways To Improve Tracking Technology

In Early Stages

The new technology being developed by Microsoft is said to still be in early stages at the company and within its research labs. The technology needs to be able to used on TV’s, computers, and mobile devices, and that is much more difficult than it seems. The technology to cross-track users want to take the cookie and ramp it up across devices for a better user experience.

In addition to the early stages, Microsoft is looking to roll this new tracking technology to the Xbox later in the stages of the process. Microsoft has stated that they think that the cookie is important, but the want to find new ways to respect the interests of the consumers in an official statement on the matter.

Microsoft Using Mobile Devices As Future Of Ad Tracking Technology

Device Identifier and Mobile Devices

In the new tracking technology, each device would have its own ID and the user would give the ok to track it. Then, Microsoft will be able to store the users data and collect the data based on peoples browsing habits and behaviors. This would be an issue with other technology companies though, since Google and others also use data from mobile devices to track customers.

But, the key part of this tracking technology by Microsoft is the way that it could target users across mobile devices. The same ad could start at a Windows Phone, move onto the Xbox experience, and then transform itself via Internet Explorer. As users, especially Windows Phone users, are gaining in numbers, companies are racing towards ways to advertise to users and Microsoft may just have the way to do that.

Overall, it is an interesting technology being developed by Microsoft that makes the web survive. Most people hate ads, but Microsoft is quickly coming up with ways to make it more efficient and streamlined for users and advertisers.

Published: Wednesday, October 23rd, 2013 Last Modified: October 23, 2013

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