New Commercial For Windows Phone Features Nokia 1020

Hot on the heels of Microsoft and Windows Phone releasing the most-watched video on Windows Phone, Microsoft has come out with a new commercial which is aimed to air during the MTV Video Music Awards. This new commercial is focused on the camera versus the OS.

The new commercial, dubbed “The Recital”, follows “The Wedding” commercial, which was aimed as one of the best tech ad in years by many. With over 6.25 million views on YouTube, and shared over 27,000 times, this new commercial has big shoes to fill.


Focus On The Nokia 1020

This new commercial, directed by Roman Coppola, focuses the Nokia 1020 as the main component of the tv spot. The camera which has gained high reviews by many, including CNET, is one of the best cameras in the industry, and takes a humorous look at the life of camera phones during events.

Don’t Fight. Switch

The commercial as previewed on YouTube early, takes a stab at the iPhone and other cameras with humor. The goal of the commercial is to show the high image quality of the Nokia 1020 while parents during a play fight for poor resolution images on their iPhones and others. The copy of the ad points uses to the Nokia 1020 at the end with the catch phrase of “Don’t Fight, Switch” to the Nokia 1020.

This Should Help Windows Phone and AT&T

While this commercial is very humorous, it jabs right at the point of Windows Phone and the Nokia 1020. It shows the great camera abilities of the Nokia 1020, and the ease of taking photos using the camera. This can only help increase sales of the Nokia 1020 phones via the Microsoft Stores and at AT&T stores throughout the US.

As this commercial will air during a major music video event on MTV, hopefully it will help Windows Phone 8 gain new users. It is a funny take on the state of camera phones, but focuses attention on the fine build quality and camera sensors on the Nokia 1020. Whether this commercial and video will become a viral hit is unknown, but it should make the Nokia 1020 sell more.

Published: Thursday, August 29th, 2013 Last Modified: October 23, 2013

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