New Bing Translator App For Windows Released by Microsoft

In a blog post Thursday by Microsoft announced a brand new Bing application that will let users translate languages from all over the world.

More than 40 different languages will be able to be translated for users, and now gives users the ability to translate anything they ever wanted.

The Bing Translator app by Microsoft has been in development by Microsoft’s Research investments labs and has used machine learning to find patterns and words that normal humans aren’t able to see. With it, it will give users a brand new way to officially translate whatever their needs for personal and business.

New Bing Translator App Available for Windows 8

Browse, Type, or Scan Content

Users in the blog post on Thursday by Microsoft will be able to input their needed translated words on a number of different ways. They will be able to use their camera to capture the text, use their keyboards to input the words, and listen to the fully developed translations by the Bing Translator app.

Traveling With The Bing App

Now, users will be able to bring the translator app with them on the road. It operates without an Internet connection, and the offline language packs are available for select languages and more obscure ones are planned for the future.

Share With Charms

With the translator app, users can translate any text within the app. Users will be able to multi-task with the app and use the translator app when browsing the web. By snapping the app to either side of the window, users can read their information and translate on the go.

The overall features of the Bing Translator app include the ability to translate text into 40 different languages, translate with the camera of the device, and do text to speech on the go or on the desktop/laptop. This will enable users to translate languages, phrases, and websites into a number of languages, and give them the needed tools to appreciate the world in a brand new and exciting way.

With the Bing Translator app being available for all Windows 8 devices, from the Windows Phone, Windows 8 ecosystem, and others, Microsoft is using the power of Bing to help bring the world just a little bit closer with its Bing Translator App. It is now available on the Windows App Store.

Published: Friday, June 7th, 2013 Last Modified: October 23, 2013

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