New Bing and Fitness Arrives For Windows Phone

Bing continues to evolve and give customers more and more apps that they can use on their phones, Microsoft is making Windows Phone users happy. With that, on Monday, Microsoft and Bing released a brand new Bing Health & Fitness app for Windows Phone, and will make fitness fans happy.

The pre-release Beta app is available on the Windows Phone Store, and is meant for initial testing for users. But, what it brings is a ton of health and fitness information for their daily usage. It will also help keep people healthier with great tracking information available.

Microsoft Releases New Bing Health and Fitness App

The Bing Health & Fitness App

The Bing Health and Fitness app gives anyone all the tools they will need to keep healthy with their Windows Phones. It brings together fitness, nutrition, and health content, all in one very well designed app. The combination of all of these tools will give people the portable nutrition tools for their Windows Phones.

With that, the app gives a lot of tracking options for people to track calories and exercise. The app allows you to set daily calorie goals, record what you eat, get information for over 300,00 foods, and a lot more. Now, while on the go, you can input your foods and exercise, and have that information in the palms of your hands.

Microsoft Gives Exercise Fans A Great New App With The Bing Health and Fitness App

GPS Tracker For Precise Workout Information

Additionally, the Bing Health and Fitness app contains the ability to use the built in GPS tracker to record times, distance, pace and calories burned during exercises and more. So, now during walks, runs, and bicycle rides, you can track your rides precisely. This will make the ability to know which routes are best for your workout.

Lastly, the ability to input any symptoms into the app will be helpful. Users can input any symptoms and see if it requires any additional health doctors or help. The data is synced across all Windows 8 devices, including phones, tablets, and computers. It is free, and available from the Windows Phone Store. It should prove to be very popular like many of the other recent Bing related apps released from Microsoft.

I tried this and it is beautiful. It allows me to input all my foods and exercise, and Microsoft has a hit on their hands with this new app.

Published: Thursday, February 20th, 2014 Last Modified: February 20, 2014

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