New Azure Site Recovery Update In Preview

Those who use Microsoft Azure for their corporations and enterprise needs, have found Azure’s constantly updating tools a much needed bundle of good job. On Friday, Microsoft announced that Azure Site Recovery Update has been updated in Preview, which will please many.

The new tool is one that enables disaster recovery protection for on-premises virtual machines. It replicates them to Azure, and Microsoft went through the process to actually rename the service to show off these capabilities. Now, backing up to Azure is easy and efficient.

Microsoft Previews Azure Site Recovery In Preview For Users

Azure Site Recovery

The Azure Site Recovery, or Azure Hyper-V Recovery as it was once called, is a new preview only feature in the Azure set of tools for enterprise users. Users can replicate virtual machines from their primary site to Azure. They will no longer need a secondary site as a destination.

This service allows it to orchestrate the recovery of virtual machines on Azure. The tools create automated protection and replication of virtual machines, remote health monitoring, customizable recovery plans, no impact recovery plan testing, orchestrated recovery when needed, and the ability to replicate in and recover in Azure.

Microsoft Offers Azure Customers Continuous Health Monitoring Of Data With Azure Updates

How This Works

With the new tools, it provides automated protection for users data. It protects System Center Virtual Machine Managers clouds by automating them and then composes them with a policy-based-solution. All communications with Azure are encrypted to keep data safe, and Azure has a number of sets of recovery tools at its disposal for users.

During the recovery process, Virtual Machines can be brought up and restore service quickly for users. The recovery plans are easy to construct, and can be simple or complex, depending on the needs of the user and their organization. Users can even use commands or Windows PowerShell scripts in them. These recovery plans can be tested as needed to make sure that it is ready whenever an enterprise needs it. All of these are available in a preview fashion within Microsoft Azure, and should be able to be rolled out to users now.

These sets of Azure recovery tools are great for companies. It will encourage them to use Microsoft Azure and keep their data safe.

Published: Monday, June 23rd, 2014 Last Modified: June 23, 2014

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