New ASUS Transformer Book T100 For Windows 8.1

As Windows 8.1 devices are slowly making their way to the marketplace, on Wednesday, ASUS made a huge announcement for their Windows 8.1 device. The device which is expected to be $349 will give users a ton of new options

The announcement of the Asus Transformer Book T100 is similar to their Android line of tablets, and is targeted for the Windows 8.1 crowd. The low priced tablet with a feature packed bunch of specs maybe exactly what users want from Windows 8.1 and more.



The Asus Transformer Book T100 with have a 10.1 inch 1366 x 768 IPS display, 31Wh battery, quad-core Bay Trail-T Atom CPU and runs Windows 8.1. There will be two different units available in 32GB and 64GB models and will have additional storage options. Users will get one year of ASUS’s Web Storage service and more with it.

Connections For Windows 8.1 Devices

What should make Windows 8.1 tablet users excited about this device are the number of connectivity options for it. It has a micro-USB, micro-HDMI, and a single USB 3.0 port for expandability. These weren’t available on the Surface or Surface Pro units and may give users the expandability they want.

Only $399

One of the biggest announcements around the ASUS Transformer Book T100 for Windows 8.1 is the price. It is set for $399 and will feature a detachable keyboard for those lusting after a keyboard on the device. This has scrolling navigation, quick to navigate according to reports, and has the Windows 8.1 quickness that everyone has been after.

It is simple that ASUS wants the tablet market with this device. It gives Windows 8.1 users a perfect device for under $400, and gives them the storage and connectivity that other devices have not had so far. With this, customers will be able to go beyond the Surface, Surface Pro, or upcoming Surface tablets, and get a device that was built for expandability. It is apparent that Windows 8.1 is the operating system that manufacturers have been waiting for, and the time for these tablets is quickly around the holiday season for all.

Published: Friday, September 13th, 2013 Last Modified: October 23, 2013

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