New 2012 Splinter Cell Game Will Explore Franchise’s Roots, To Be Announced Shortly

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Splinter Cell fans are waiting for the new 2012 game to be announced and may not have to wait much longer.

The next Splinter Cell game will bring back one of the franchise “root” themes, set to be announced soon

The Splinter Cell games have increasingly moved away from the franchise’s roots, becoming more action orientated rather than stealth-based as the franchise was known for. The next Splinter Cell game – Splinter Cell: Revelations – will go back and explore one the franchise “root themes.”

Ubisoft Toronto’s head Jade Raymond says that the next Splinter Cell will continue with the action theme, but will explore what she describes as one of the “root themes.”

Raymond said the the next game in the franchise will have all of the “action flick” elements in the recent games, but said the studio is trying to explore something more interesting that has been “overlooked” in recent titles.

In the interview with CVG, Raymond also confirmed that there will be no new IP … for now. The studio is focusing on Splinter Cell completely, and of course Assassin’s Creed. She said for the moment they’re not starting up a new franchise.

The next Splinter Cell is rumoured to be called Splinter Cell: Retribution and, according to a leaked release schedule that also featured Assassin’s Creed, said the title was coming to the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 along with the PC.

Despite labelling the leaked schedule as “inaccurate,” it said that that Assassin’s Creed was due to be revealed before March 31 – and it has.

Ubisoft set to announce triple-A game

Recently, Ubisoft all announced that a triple-A game would be announced soon. Considering that Assassin’s Creed 3 has already been announced, then the announcement may well be the next Splinter Cell game.

Raymond said that Ubisoft Toronto will be announcing their “first big triple-A” title “being developed by the studio.”

Raymond was tasked with bringing together a studio based from scratch, and described the process as “going better than I could’ve imagined” and was “amazed” at the team that had been put together.

Raymond said they’re “100%” focused on a new Splinter Cell game, so it’s not clear whether there will be an official announcement of that title or something new entirely. Considering Raymond said no new IPs are in the works, then all signs point towards Splinter Cell 6.

Published: Friday, March 23rd, 2012 Last Modified: March 23, 2012

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