Netflix Users Now Get HDR With Windows 10

Netflix is easily one of the biggest movie streaming services on the Internet today, and the selection of content grows by the day. Now, they’ve added HDR streaming features for Windows 10 users.

The addition of HDR streaming for Windows 10 users is a big thing for Windows 10 users, and it means that sharper content is here. HDR content though is still new and requires specific hardware to work.

Netflix Updates Windows 10 App With HDR Support

HDR Requirements

While the Netflix app for Windows 10 supports HDR now, it does require the subscriber to pay for their premium Netflix plan. This is a little more expensive, but for Hi-Def fans, it is well worth it.

Second, it requires Intel’s 7th generation and higher CPU, and this means a modern computer must be used. This uses 10 bits-per-channel support for the GPU’s, and Netflix and Microsoft worked on this major update.

Choose From HDR Content With New Windows 10 Update

Fall Creators Update Needed Too

Along with a beefy system, the HDR support for Netflix on Windows 10 requires the Fall Creators Update to be installed. Lastly you monitor will need to support HDR as well, and that is a new thing for many users.

The HDR streaming though is available within the app, and within the Microsoft Edge browser with these updates. If you have the right PC and display, this update is a big thing and worth updating.

If you love HDR and Netflix, update the Netflix app. It’s a big update, and a visually appealing update.

Published: Saturday, December 23rd, 2017 Last Modified: December 23, 2017

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