Need For Speeds Rivals will have you chasing and racing faster than ever

Need For Speed Rivals will feature Cop vs Racers in ultra-fast paced action that aims to make its mark on the next generation consoles.

Ghost bring Need for Speed back to Hot Pursuit style action

Need For Speed Rivals will be developed by a team featuring many from Burnout and Need For Speed Hot Pursuit creators Criterion and players of those games will know what to expect. That is a return to the fast paced arcade racing that favours exciting crashes and use of takedowns as opposed to the more sim like driving games on the market.


The Need For Speed franchise itself is branching in two different areas with one team behind the more sim like recent Need For Speed : Most Wanted and Ghost have taken on the task of bringing Need for Speed to the next generation of consoles.

The game will see a return to the universe of Hot Pursuit along with the street racers, cops, cars and weapons that featured in that iteration of the series.

Chose your side! Need for Speed to feature both sides of the law

The game will feature two totally different progression developments revolving around the cops vs racers dynamic. This is one step further than past games that also featured elements from both sides and the driving styles will vary substantially between the two.


The impressive Autolog interface returns and is sure to add to the play time as players battle it out to beat their friend’s scores and times. There is also a new social system called AllDrive which aims to blur the line between single and multiplayer.

Fans have been calling for more customisation options in their Need for Speed games for a while now and while there will be so basic customisations regarding the exterior details it will be mainly limited to that. EA are pushing performance tuning but we won’t hold our breaths – this is an arcade racer after all.

Need for Speed Rivals hoping to be out for launch

Rivals is expected to be released on current generation consoled and PC on 19 November 2013.

The next generation versions are expected to be launch day titles going up against Forza 5 and DriveClub as the option for racing fans.


In the meantime check out the trailer below for an adrenaline boost and keep tuned for more info.

Published: Thursday, June 27th, 2013 Last Modified: June 27, 2013

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