Music Deals Highlight Latest Red Stripe Deals

Consumers have been eating up Microsoft’s Red Stripe Deals, and every week the company is delivering great bargains for customers for all Windows machines. On Thursday, Microsoft announced the latest batch of Red Stripe Deals, which highlight music apps and a variety of great deals.

By giving customers these awesome deals, Microsoft is making the Windows Stores more attractive and giving users great bargains at the same time. These deals only last for a week, and usually go quickly, but offer incredible deals in well known and some lesser known apps.

Microsoft Highlights Music Program In Red Stripe Special

Frederic: Resurrection Of Music

By far the biggest bargain of this weeks Red Stripe Deals from Microsoft, is Frederic: Resurrection of Music. This program is great for kids, adults, and music lovers. It brings together the classical music of Frederic Chopin, and brings together remixes of his most classical works.

What makes this program special is the social interactions included with it. Users can duel opponents with music duets, and has humorous aspects of the program as well. It teaches children and adults the music of Chopin, and makes it fun. It is available for only 99 cents in the Windows Stores.

Microsoft Cuts Price To Big Buck Hunter and Others During Red Stripe Deals

Other Red Stripe Deals

In the other programs, Microsoft has cut the prices to a number of other programs for users to purchase. It gives users the ability to buy these programs at a lower price, and gives them new apps to try. Games like Toca Hair Salon 2, Big Buck Hunter, BADLAND, Sago Mini Ocean Swimmer, and a few others are available. These types of games are big hits from Microsoft and its partners, and gives users a great selection of games to enjoy.

Microsoft has also made KVADPhoto+ Pro, Shopping List, geoDefense Swarm, Owl Reader, and MeteoEarth available during this weeks Red Stripe Deals. These are available for a fraction of the cost, and available in the Windows Store and Windows Phone Stores. Some are well known apps, some might be new, but for free and apps ranging to $2 in cost, it’s worth trying them out.

This week’s Red Stripe Deals are entertaining and fun. Learn Chopin, shoot deer, and have fun, all for a few dollars courtesy of Microsoft. Enjoy.

Published: Friday, August 22nd, 2014 Last Modified: August 22, 2014

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