Mush And Castle Raid 2 Join Red Stripe Deals

If its Thursday, it must be the latest installment of Microsoft’s Red Stripe deals. We generally cover these weekly, as they are some of Microsoft’s hidden gems for Windows fans, and give users a great set of bargain apps. These are all live on sale until August 21st, according to Microsoft.

The latest installment of the Red Stripe Deals cover a bunch of different apps and games for Windows and Windows Phone Stores. Two of the biggest ones on sale are some of Windows greatest hits, and Microsoft is highlighting the rest to give users the best apps for Windows today.

Microsoft Gives Away Castle Raid 2 For Free In Red Stripe Deals

Mush & Castle Raid 2 On Sale

If you enjoy puzzle adventures, then Microsoft has lowered the cost of Mush from $2.99 to $1.49. It’s a fun and entertaining puzzle game that allows for Windows Phone users to really enjoy their phone. It has tilting, moving, shaking, and lets the users really get into the game, versus any other game.

If you are more of a defender of the castle kind of fan, Microsoft has lowered the price f Castle Raid 2 to free, on both the Windows Store and Windows Phone Store. It’s a fun game that allows for gamers to defend their castles using knights and wizards, and against enemies who want to overthrow you. It’s a free game from Microsoft so give it a shot.

Microsoft Highlights Mush As Xbox Live Puzzle Game During Red Stripe Deals

Other Red Stripe App Deals

Since Microsoft wants to appeal to more than just gamers, they put a wide collection of other games and apps on sale as well. Apps that are included on sale are: Space Weather, Cold Alley, Machinarium, RC Remote Pro, The Treasures of Montezuma 3 Premium, Kings Can Fly, and lastly InspirARTion.

The best thing about these Red Stripe Deals from Microsoft is that they are held weekly, and are available in the Windows Store and Windows Phone Store. They have been tested, vetted, and made sure safe for users to download. The Windows Store has become a huge hit, and allows users to download games and apps there.

These are great deals from Microsoft. From free games to on sale apps, Microsoft has users in mind.

Published: Saturday, August 16th, 2014 Last Modified: August 16, 2014

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