MuseScore 2 Brings Music Creation To Windows 10

I certainly am one who appreciates music, but don’t know the least bit about writing music. I can love all types of music, but music writers and composers can definitely use our latest pick, MuseScore 2.

MuseScore 2 is a free Windows 10 app made by MuseScore BVBA. It’s a music creation app made for musicians and songwriters, and gives them the creation tools needed to write their next tune.

Write Your Next Song With MuseScore 2

App Features

With MuseScore 2, users can create, playback, and print sheet music for free. It uses an open source music notation software stack to make a WYSIWYG editor that any musician can enjoy.

It supports unlimited slaves with up to four voices each. It features dynamics, articulations, lyrics, chords, lead sheet notation, import/export of MIDI and MusicXML, and exporting to PDF or WAV files.

Windows 10 Users Get Amazing Songwriting App Called MuseScore 2

Upload and Use With Ease

One thing that makes MuseScore 2 interesting, is that it lets musicians and songwriters upload scores directly to the score sharing site This lets people share their music worldwide.

Songwriters have already given MuseScore high ratings and rave reviews so far in the Windows Store, and it works well for most beginning to advanced songwriters. It’s worth the download if you write music.

If you are a novice or aspiring songwriter, try this download. It’s free, and worth it to try your next tune via MuseScore 2.

Published: Thursday, August 31st, 2017 Last Modified: August 31, 2017

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