Multitouch On Windows 8: What To Expect

Windows 8 finally enables complex gesturing on touchpads and here’s what you can expect to see future Windows 8 systems.

Windows 8 enables multitouch gestures on touchpads and mice

Windows 8 Enables Multitouch Gesturing

Complex multitouch gesturing is something that has been sorely missing on Winows so far. However, with Windows 8, this is going to change. The latest version of Windows 8 — Windows 8 Release Preview — enables the kind of multitouch that we have come to expect from modern mobile devices and Apple notebooks.

Windows 8 will be shipping with three basic multitouch gestures. There’s the ubiquitious pinch-to-zoom. Then there’s the two finger scrolling, both horizontal and vertical. And then there are the edge swipes that are unique to Windows 8. Edge swipes on touchpads will make it easier for non-touchscreen machines to activate ‘Charms’ in Windows 8. Using the mouse for it is still a bit awkward.

Another good news for Windows users is that Microsoft is working with hardware vendors to make mice that also support these features. Which means we will get mice roughly similar to Apple’s magic mouse that is basically a normal wireless mouse with a touch-area on top. This will further help regular users who are unlikely to buy desktops wih touchscreens. Also for those who will upgrade existing home systems, it will be easier to use windows 8 if this mouse is in place.

Published: Thursday, June 7th, 2012 Last Modified: June 7, 2012

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