MTV And Accuweather Launch On Xbox & Windows Phone

When a week comes along that two major apps hit the Xbox One and Windows Phone at the same time, there is reason to write it up, and talk a bit about it. The news on Wednesday that the Xbox One gained the MTV app, and the Windows Phone gained Accuweather certainly gave Microsoft fans a treat.

The launch of these two major apps show that major brands are very interested in Microsoft and their platforms. The MTV app while it doesn’t feature the music videos of yesteryear, gives their full episodes and more. Weather updates also shine on the Accuweather app on Windows Phone.

Microsoft Displays MTV App For Xbox One App

MTV App On Xbox One

With the MTV app on the Xbox One, users will be able to view sneak peeks, bonus clips, and watch full episodes of their select MTV series. This is initially launched in the US only, and will require a TV subscription. The app also includes a ton of pop culture news, fashion, and behind the scenes updates from upcoming films.

With that, the MTV app also makes sure that music festivals, music, and music and video award shows are also covered as well. It’s basically the entire MTV lineup and channel in the Xbox One. Users can watch shows like Catfish, Awkward, 16 and Pregnant, and much more, all from the Xbox One, starting now.

Microsoft's Windows Phone Gets Revamped AccuWeather App

AccuWeather On Windows Phone

The other major Microsoft app news came from AccuWeather. The AccuWeather app came out with a new version of its app on Windows Phone, and it has been majorly overhauled for Windows Phone users. It includes MinuteCast, a minute-by-minute precipitation forecast for an exact address, and much more.

The AccuWeather app also has live tiles which display images and give lock-screen notifications, which will show up nicely with Windows Phone 8.1. With instant access, any weather updates can be seen right away. It also provides weather alerts and push notifications for users in the US, Canada, UK, and Germany. The app is live today from the Windows Phone Store, and is free.

Both of these apps from major companies are huge for Microsoft. It shows that they are still a consumer facing company despite the enterprise plays of recent.

Published: Thursday, August 21st, 2014 Last Modified: August 21, 2014

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