MSN Website Getting Redesign, Themed To Fit Windows 8 And Modern UI

Msn Website Redesign New Themed For Windows 8 Release Microsoft will be redesigning MSN, it news website, to compliment the new Modern UI in October’s Windows 8.

The redesign, like, is to bring Microsoft’s properties in line with Windows 8’s Modern UI design as the company looks to integrate products and services

Visiting any Microsoft property will reveal a consistent design, and MSN is the latest to become Metrofied

Microsoft confirmed MSN is to be redesigned to fall in line with the Windows 8 design, or Modern UI. Visiting shows a new, tile-centric design with a focus on content. The new Xbox 360 dashboard design focuses on games, a consistent flaw directed towards the current dashboard.

Like Windows 8, the redesign launches October 26. Microsoft also confirmed Internet Explorer 10 (IE 10) is to launch on the same date. The launch date of Internet Explorer 10 was previously not mentioned by Microsoft; the browser was always going to be bundled with Windows 8 this October.

Msn Website Redesign New Themed For Windows 8 Release

The new MSN isn’t replacing the current look, offering a new Windows 8 and IE 10 experience. The design focus on content, via full screen, and IE 10 is able to render complex images and high resolution images. An app-like experience is the focus of the design. was completely redesigned on the website. The mobile app is a different experience, especially on iOS where it seems Microsoft aimed to provide the Modern UI experience on Apple’s smartphones.

The web experience on looks different, yet similar, to Windows 8. The app may seem a little underwhelming and perhaps the current design will be suitable for IE 10. Of course Windows 8 features Modern UI and the traditional desktop experience.

When Windows 8 launches in October the result will probably be a very consistent experience. Whether Modern UI will prove overhwelming or appealing remains to be seen.

Windows 8 launches October 26

Published: Wednesday, October 3rd, 2012 Last Modified: October 3, 2012

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