MSN Messenger Fading Away After 15 Years

MSN Messenger from Microsoft was easily one of the companies biggest products, but never really caught on in the US. News came out on Friday though, that the product while living on in one remaining country, will finally die away, which could anger some Chinese users.

The MSN Messenger product was for the most part taken down and shut down in most countries. Microsoft retired the brand as it introduced Skype, and found more users liking that overall. But, as China was left as the only country to use it, Microsoft is finally killing it.

Microsoft Announces Final Death Of MSN Messenger

How MSN Messenger Started

When AOL and AIM became huge players in the instant messaging world, Microsoft decided it needed a product to go against those big companies, and give Windows users a proper messenger product. In 1999, Microsoft released MSN Messenger, and gave users a bunch of features to give them full chat functionality.

MSN and Microsoft found ways to reverse engineer the product, to allow MSN Messenger users to sign into AIM, with AOL becoming enraged with this decision. Microsoft rolled out new features like emoticons, playing Minesweeper with friends, nudging friends, and more. It was a popular product that simply went away.

Microsoft's MSN Messenger Seen As Future Of Messenger In Its Day

How MSN Changed Computing

With the era of instant messaging, Microsoft brought out MSN to give the users abilities to chat with others signed into the service. Throughout the early 2000’s the product was highly popular in a number of countries throughout the world, and particularly in Latin America and South American cultures. MSN grew and so did its overseas use.

As MSN Messenger went on, so did the culture of texting and users going away from instant messaging, and Microsoft bought Skype and introduced that in their product line instead of MSN Messenger. It had a loyal following, but was relegated to China as its last hope, and even there it will be going away October 31st. MSN Messenger was a great product in its time, and gave users ways to chat with friends and family very easily.

I loved MSN Messenger in its heyday. I hate to see it go away, but all products do.

Published: Tuesday, September 2nd, 2014 Last Modified: April 9, 2015

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