MSN Gets Tweets amd Surface Gets Support

On Thursday, Microsoft came out with a number of updates, and the range of topics getting updates continue to amaze/ Both MSN and the Surface line of products got updates, and they will make those who follow them happy.

MSN has gone through a large update in the past few months, and the updates focused mainly on the redesign of the site. But, with the latest updates on Thursday, Microsoft and MSN now support live tweets, that will show breaking news and more.

Microsoft's MSN Gets Live Tweets In Breaking News Section

MSN Gets Live Tweets

With the latest updates to MSN, now MSN’s global web propertie will get a Tweet on their breaking news banner. Microsoft has investments and arrangements with Twitter, and by having these, they are able to show off Tweets as they happen, versus other web portals where this cannot be done.

The new MSN breaking news sectino with have a number of news organizations Tweets. They include: The New York Times (@nytimes), The Wall Street Journal (@WSJ), The Washington Post (@washingtonpost), @CNN, @AOL in the U.S.; Yomiuri Shimbun (@Yomiuri_Online) and Asahi Shimbun (@asahi) in Japan; @SkyNews, The Guardian (@guardian) and The Telegraph (@Telegraph) in the UK; @NDTV and Hindustan Times (@htTweets) in India; and @Le_Figaro and Le Monde (@lemondefr) in France.

Microsoft Pledges Business Support For Surace Pro 3 Line Of Products

Surface Gets Support

One of the other notes on Thursday, was the global support of the Surface brand from Microsoft’s CEO Satya Nadella. In a very lengthly blog post on Microsoft, the company went into deep detail about the future of the Surface line, and Microsoft’s committment to the brand, and in particular with the enterprise in mind.

Microsoft stated that they will offer a Microsoft Complete For Business program that includes a three-year warranty and damage control. Secondly, the Surface Pro 3 qualifies for US EPA EnergyStar qualifications. Lastly, Microsoft stated that they will be offering a $150 discount on the docking station, keyboard and Surface Pro 3 via resellers for business customers. All of these items show that Microsoft is very committed to the Surface line of products, and isn’t going away. Microsoft sees the Surface line aa a huge business tool, and one that businesses can use and depend on in the future.

I use MSN and love its updates. The Surface Pro 3 is getting better, and now with enterprise support, it will only grow bigger.

Published: Monday, October 13th, 2014 Last Modified: October 13, 2014

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