MSFT: Smaller Windows 8.1 Tablets Announced This Week

Various Microsoft partners announced smaller Windows 8 tablets and devices that will take advantage of the Windows 8.1 touchscreen.

This week, a number of Microsoft partners made announcements surrounding the smaller form factors of the upcoming Microsoft tablets. With those product announcements, customers and enterprise users will be able to get a smaller tablet and machine full of powerful features and anticipated joy.

New Windows 8.1 Devices Coming

Acer, Lenovo, AMD, and More Coming

A number of big name Microsoft partners at Computex had press announcements and media gatherings to announce their upcoming tablets. Acer announced the Iconia W3 which is an 8-inch tablet, Lenovo announced their MiiX8 another 8-inch tablet with stylus, and others also announced various 7-inch varieties.

Portrait Mode Coming

With the number of new tablets and smaller form devices announced, Microsoft announced the support of portrait-mode for them. A statement from Microsoft’s VP of Program Management stated that portrait mode was done specifically for Windows 8.1 devices. As most current users who use Surface RT or Surface Pro know, the ability to use the portrait mode on their machines is pretty much useless now.

Additional Windows 8.1 Features Announced This Week

Also this week, other Microsoft Windows 8.1 features were quietly announced specially during the TechEd and Computex shows. A versatile and easily fitting Snap screen, a touch-keyboard improvements surrounding autosuggestion, better Metrofied PC settings, and others were made so smaller factor units can take advantage of the Windows 8 screens.

As these announcements were made, Microsoft also gave word about their Microsoft Office products that will be made for these smaller tablets and devices, which should make enterprise users happy. It should be an exciting last part of the year for Microsoft Office users as these products are rolled out, and interesting to see if they are touch-optimized at all.

Is this all enough to make Windows 8.1 and the smaller screen tablets and devices a hit? Only sales numbers surrounding the upcoming releases will make analysts and tech experts happy, and of course Microsoft at the same time. It should be a full end of the year for Microsoft, Windows 8.1, and the smaller tablets for sure.

Published: Sunday, June 9th, 2013 Last Modified: October 23, 2013

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