MSFT: All In One Commercial Released Wednesday

On Wednesday, Microsoft released a new branding commercial that is seeming to align all of its products into one main brand. In doing so, Microsoft is bringing together its main products in the market today under one main label.

With its new commercial, Microsoft is bringing all of its consumer services into one commercial that is aiming to bring consumers closer to Microsoft. The commercial, set to debut Wednesday night brings over 5 different Microsoft services together in one commercial and should prove to be a positive enforcer.


Microsoft Products Together As One

In the commercial, the products of Internet Explorer, Windows 8, Windows Phone 8, Skype, Surface, Bing, Xbox, and others are united as one main bring that you can use anywhere on any device. According to a spokesperson its main goal is to give one experience to consumers across devices for everything they use.

Brand Meant For New Structuring of Microsoft

Many experts wonder whether or not this commercial is the first of many that will bring together all of Microsoft’s services together under the alleged rebranding of the company that has been discussed in trade journals, gadget sites, and financial papers. Microsoft states that its goals to highlight services of the devices and how they use them, and thats all.

The tagline for the commercial by Microsoft is an interesting one. The Windows logo appears at the end and states, “One Experience. On Every Device. For everything in your life.”. This and the rumors of the reorganization of the companies services and products is a weird coincidence and many including Microsoft experts are thinking this tagline might be one they use for a long while.

With Microsoft’s fiscal year starting July 1st, this commercial might be airing at just the right moment as experts point to the reorg as a major shift for the tech giant. A new branding, a new national tv spot, new reorganization of the companies core businesses, and maybe more should make Wall Street happy and keep many analysts happy as well. Whether this is enough is unknown, but this commercial should be one of many that should be airing in the next few weeks, and the next few weeks should be interesting for Microsoft.

Published: Thursday, June 13th, 2013 Last Modified: October 23, 2013

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