Movie Recommendations Come To Cortana

The Cortana interface for Windows and Windows Phone, allow users to interact with their phones and soon desktops in amazing new ways. But, people looking for movie phones have had to interact with clumsy apps to get these times. That is until now, and on Friday’s update to Cortana allowing for movie time recommendations.

The update was a small one to Cortana, but one that users will enjoy if they go to the movies, and are looking for times on the go. The update to the personal recommendations engine, updates users with movie times, recommendations, and gives users ideas for movies for the upcoming enjoyment.

Microsoft Updates Cortana With Movie Times and Updates

Enabling Movie Times With Cortana

To get movie recommendations and times to work with Cortana, the user needs to head over to her notebook, tap interests, and tap the “+” button. There, the users can select movies and then tap showtimes and trailers. By doing this, Cortana will now be updated to show movies showtimes and trailers to the user.

The updates to Cortana though do not occur overnight, and do take a few days to start rolling out to the user. Once the rollout occurs to the user, the user can tap on the movie, get the synopsis of the movie, read reviews of the movie, and cast list. This will make it a joy to see what movies are coming out.

See Movie Recommendations and Showtimes With Microsoft Cortana Update For Windows Phone 8.1

Buying Tickets With Cortana

The idea of this update to Cortana is to give it more personalized recommendations for the user. Now, a user when they see a movie that interests them, can tap a showtime and buy tickets with a single click. It will also show trailers and more depending on how often the user wants to see the trailers and other features.

All of this enables Cortana and Windows Phone to get smarter, and give more content to the user. Cortana is just still on Windows Phone’s with 8.1 installed, and will be rolling out to the desktop in future Windows 10 installs. But, the movie suggestions will get better, and give users great things ahead.

Cortana with movie times should be live now. Try it out and let us know your thoughts on it.

Published: Monday, April 13th, 2015 Last Modified: April 14, 2015

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