Movie Moments Launches For Windows Phone 8.1

Those who take videos with their Windows Phones know the ability to edit and do things with those videos has been a challenge. On Wednesday, Microsoft released the Movie Moments app for Windows Phone 8.1, and will make editing and playing with videos much easier.

The free app which is made for Windows Phones and Windows PC’s is Microsoft’s latest program to promote video taking on Windows Phones. It gives users new and fun ways to share and edit videos, and has been reviewed highly in its short time on the Windows Phone marketplace.

Microsoft Releases Movie Moments App For Windows Phone 8.1


With the Movies Moments app, users can pick their favorite 60 seconds of the video, and then trim that video from the beginning, middle, or the end. Additionally, users can also highlight their favorite moments of the fun, add colorful captions, and pick from a range of styles with the videos.

Microsoft has also added a few new songs to set the moods of te videos and users can also add songs from their own collections. Once the users video is all ready to go, they can then share the video with family and friends from within the app. It gives them the full range of sharing features that is available on other phones as well.

Microsoft Gives Users Ability To Edit Videos With Movie Moments App

Why This Matters

With the movie moments app, users can have fun with their videos in a simple four step process, and makes it much easier than other phone platforms. Trim the video, add the captions, add music, and the save the video for sharing. It is that simple, and should be a huge hit for users to use right away.

This free app is the latest from Microsoft to please its users, and give them what they want. It is a simple app, is elegantly designed, and simply works. It gives users a video editing app with enough frills and just enough to please the most advanced users. It’s not a Avid, Adobe, or other type app, but now users can post videos and share them on the go, with now a little more flair.

I downloaded this and tried it out. It’s pretty slick, and a free app so its even better.

Published: Thursday, May 1st, 2014 Last Modified: May 1, 2014

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