Move To Wearables Possible In Microsoft Rumor

In a widely reported rumor on Friday, Microsoft is in advanced talks to purchase patents from a wearables technology company. The patents held by Osterhout Design Group are military grade patents, and shows that Microsoft is very interested in the future of wearable technology.

The news of this rumor took the tech world by storm, as other companies in this space are building wearables according to reports. This $200 million purchase of their patents would give Microsoft considerable leverage in this wearable space and can help them battle against Google and Apple.

Microsoft Considering $200 Million Investment Into Wearables Company

Who Is Osterhout Design Group

The Osterhout Design Group is a longtime contractor with the military, and has a long standing list of patents for wearable technology. The company holds over 140 different patients and this treasure chest of military grade wearable technology can help Microsoft in building Windows devices for the masses.

Why Patents And Devices

Some of the most interesting work from this group that Microsoft is considering investing in, consists of facial recognition, iris HD handhelds, and a number of other robocop type technologies. The company has a strong history with military grade wearables and are used in the world by soldiers today. The list of existing devices can help integrate Windows via an embedded panel and help leverage the patents into future devices.

Why This Is Big

This move by Microsoft is huge for many reasons. From the side of a strategic investment in one hand, the integration of wearable technology into its upcoming Nokia line of phones and devices, and lastly the move by Microsoft to get into wearables. These moves show that Microsoft is moving in the future, and seeing wearables as its future. These devices will not come out to the public for sometime, but having a large patent holding protects Microsoft and can help leverage these license fees to other interested parties.

A $200 million investment by Microsoft is always something to keep an eye on, and this wearables bet is a huge item. Wearables are becoming the number one thing that the future of technology is thinking about, and Microsoft looking at a military grade company to do this, makes this wearables fad more than just a fad as of today.

Published: Sunday, September 22nd, 2013 Last Modified: October 23, 2013

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