Most Advanced Password Manager Enpass Goes Universal

Password managers whether you like them or not, are becoming a must have download for many. With security being a top concern and hundreds of passwords to remember, Enpass for Windows 10 is now a Universal Windows App and one to help you remember passwords.

Programs like 1Password, Lastpass, and others currently exist for Windows 10, but Enpass is one of the more secure one on the market. By using open-source encryption, it means your passwords stay secure and safe on Windows 10 devices.

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Enpass Keeps Passwords Safe & Secure For Windows 10 Users

Windows Hello Support & New UI

One of the biggest updates made with the Universal Windows App, is the update to the user interface, and the preview features of Windows Hello. A fresher interface makes Enpass easier to use, and thus more user friendly.

Windows Hello support though will be the biggest Windows 10 feature. These features include the ability to have fingerprint protection, biometric security protection, and other advanced Windows Hello featured security measures.

Enpass Gives Windows 10 Users Cloud Syncing Support

Cloud Backup and Free To Try

Another strong feature of Enpass for Windows 10, is the way it syncs your passwords in the cloud. It supports OneDrive, Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, and WebDAV. It’s data is stored on your device, but in the cloud as well.

Users can sync their passwords for free with the free download, and then pay $9.99 for the major update. The free download includes up to 20 passwords for free, and then the premium upgrade lets you sync as many as needed.

There are many password managers on Windows 10, but Enpass is one to try. It’s very security focused, syncs to the cloud, and is free to try.

Published: Tuesday, April 12th, 2016 Last Modified: April 12, 2016

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