More Security News: Windows Defender Will Not Be Preinstalled On Windows 8

Windows Defender may come bundled with Windows 8 Consumer Preview and Release Preview builds but it will not be present on the finalized version of Windows 8.

Windows 8 to offer Windows Defender as an optional download in absense of third party protection

Windows Defender To Be Offered As Separate Download In Windows 8

Microsoft has changed the way built in security activates itself in Windows 8. After considering the case of OEMs who use bundled Anti-virus to generate revenue, the company has decided to make the security responsive instead of on by default. As a result, Windows Defender has been dropped from the package as a default security solution. It will instead be offered as a last resort when there are no third-party apps on the OS.

After warning the user for 15 days to install an anti-virus or update their out of date anti-virus, Windows 8 wil finally start offering to download and install Windows Defender. The user can delay the process for seven more days by clicking on remind me later. They can also choose another solution from the Windows Store.

Microsoft was apparently put under pressure by OEMs to make this change in Windows 8 to protect their revenue from users who upgrade trial versions to full versions. Microsoft’s decision to include Windows Defender was based on several research efforts that shows a large number of PCs all over the world are operating without any kind of protection. One study puts the number at 1 out of every 6 computers. One of the meain reasons behind this is said to the expiration of trials where the user is either not interested or not savvy enough to upgrade to a paid full version.

So what Microsoft has done is commendable but this new change puts the computer at risk during those 15 days of warning. Microsoft should instead make it so that the security kicks in immediately after or shortly after the expiration of trialware. The new Windows Defender combines its anti-spyware features with Microsoft Security Essentials to become an all-round security solution.

Published: Thursday, June 7th, 2012 Last Modified: June 7, 2012

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