More RC Rumors: Windows 8 Release Candidate To Have All Flat Explorer

Windows 8 Explorere Ui After
Rumor has it that Windows 8 Release Candidate build will feature a much flatter looking UI for the Explorer.

Microsoft To Flatten Out Explorer UI For Windows 8

Windows 8 Explorere Ui After
Picture: leaked

The Windows 8 release candidate is the next build that is coming our way from Microsoft and rumors are already afoot about what we can expect from it. Paul Thurrot on his Winsupersite cites Chinese tech blog saying that the next UI for explorer on Windows 8 will be flatter than the normal UI that we see today. Which means it will be closer to the Metro look that is primary on Windows 8.

However, it is also clear that Microsoft is going to be subtle about it and only change the look to an extent that maintains the familiarity people have with Windows. Otherwise there will be too much backlash with a Windows that is so new that nobody feels familiar about it.

Microsoft has an obligation to change the UI because otherwise it will be a big aesthetic disconnect between the Desktop and the Metro sides within Windows 8. Windows went a long way in to all 3D and glass like with Windows Vista but with Windows 8 they have gone the completely opposite way. This is something that needs to be reflected on the Explorer as well.

The company also has enterprise clients to take care of. So if it changes Windows too much, your company will not give you Windows 8 because it will have to spend way too much money on it. Readers of this blog will of course already know how to use it but then most of your colleagues will probably be confused.

In the meantime, too much 3D rendering and graphics is unnecessary in an OS anyway. It slows the system down just so that you can have some eye candy. But if you simplify things, it will give extra battery life and more RAM and processing power to work with. In an age of ultraportables, those things are more important.

Published: Thursday, April 5th, 2012 Last Modified: April 5, 2012

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