More Personalized Windows Phone 8 Store To Offer App Suggestions Based On Bing Searches

Windows Phone Store Personal Picks_thumb The app store for Windows Phone 8 now boasts of several sophisticated features for finding apps and offers personalized content as well as recommendations.

Your Windows Phone just got a little smarter – it can detect what you’re searching for online and recommend apps. Obiously not all users would want to use that feature (and you will be able to turn it off) but in many cases this is extremely helpful to avoid wasting time on searching for related apps.

Windows Phone 8 Brings Better Windows Store Experience To Users

There are now over 120,000 apps for Windows Phone (13,000 for Windows 8), which is a tad bit too small to compare to the massive collections that iOS and Android users enjoy. And still, that is a lot of titles to sort through for an average user with a small phone touchscreen.

So the Windows Phone Store has come up with new ways to help you find exactly what you are looking for. The curators at Microsoft will be building collections around themes to help you find apps you’re really looking for. The collections will be actively maintained and will also be personalized based on your location! And then there’s the personal recommendation system.

The Windows Phone Store will be suggesting apps for you based on the data mined by Microsoft and it’s Search Engine Bing.

  • Example: if you have been doing a lot of stock market related work online, your suggestions will have stock apps, to put it very simplistically.

This feature is called “Personal Picks” and it apparently takes in a lot of metrics in to the equation — your previous downloads, what your Facebook friends are in to and also the overall popularity of apps in your region. Yes, it does sound quite intrusive but then that’s the price we pay for personal recommendations.

Windows 8 overall has been receiving positive feedback everywhere and new innovations like these will only help Microsoft gain more traction against Android and iOS.

Published: Tuesday, November 13th, 2012 Last Modified: November 13, 2012

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