More News and Videos: Windows 8 And Android Dual Boot On New Asus Device At Computex

Asus is talking about a new dual-booting Windows 8/Android Device that we will be seeing at Computex.
Asus to Demo Windows 8 Device with Android dual-boot at Computex

Computex To See Dual-Booting Windows 8/Android Device From Asus

Computex this year is turning out to be a Windows 8 and Ultrabooks fest as every PC company worth its names in the category prepares to show off upcoming and protoype devices bearing Windows 8. As reported earlier, it is already pretty clear that we will see a lot of Ultrabooks running Windows 8 at Computex. Now Asus has been heard talking about a new device that will have both Windows 8 and Android on dual-boot. From what we understand, it seems to be a legitimate Windows 8 device with Android intalled as an alternative environment for handing lighter tasks in a more battery efficient way.

Asus has released a teaser video showing just enough to tantalize everybody in to guessing what it could be like. It looks like a tablet is coming out with these two OS’ but it might be yet another Transformer, given what Asus has been up to recently. But what puts everybody slightly off reassured is the generous helping of the term ‘All in one’ in the teasers. It could be refering to the padfone concept that extends in to a whole desktop!

For those that don’t know, PadFone is a concept and a soon to be released Asus product that starts with a smartphone; which docks in to a tablet; which docks in to a keyboard. So from Phone you to go to Tablet and then to a Netbook. And everything is running directly from the phone with just additional batteries coming with each new docks (and a screen on the tablet dock of course).
So may be Asus is working on an All-in-One desktop concept like the Apple iMac and applying the PadFone philosophy to it. So you might have dual-booting tablet that docks in to a keyboard and also in to a desktop set up. Looks like we’ll just have to wait till Computex to find out.

Watch the two teasers and tell us what you think.

Published: Friday, June 1st, 2012 Last Modified: June 1, 2012

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