More Microsoft Job Postings Point Towards Next Generation Console “Xbox Durango, 720”

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A job posting by Microsoft indicates that they are looking for an executive producer to work on a “next generation” console, from conception to release.

More evidence that next generation consoles are in the works surfaces as Zindagi Games is looking for someone to work on a next-gen console

We know that only Nintendo is heading next-gen this year, as Microsoft has denied that there will be any official news on a new console this year and Sony have said nothing on the matter. That doesn’t stop people from hunting around for the latest news, however, as a new job postings points Sony’s next generation console being firmly in development.

A job posting over at Zindagi Games – the developers of Sports Champions, the mini-game collection that launched with the PlayStation Move – says that they are looking for a Game Software Engineer says the company is “moving on and working on the next generation home console.”

The posting doesn’t mention explicitly that the company is working on a PlayStation Move title, though they are keen to highlight the history with the motion-sensing device. Along with developing the aforementioned Sports Champions, they also developed Medieval Moves – Deadmund’s Quest – an action-adventure game that allows player to dual-wield weapon without a HUD.

The posting also says the company will be working a “2nd party studio” to Sony, so it appears Zindagi Games will have a close working relationship with the title.

Among the requirements for the position are at least one published title, expertise in “C and C++ programming languages” and an understanding of multi-threaded programming.

Microsoft job posting points towards next-gen

Sony weren’t the first company to have next-gen plans examined over the web, as recently Microsoft asked for applicants who wanted to work on an “AAAA” title.

In the job posting Microsoft were looking for someone to work as an Executive Producer, and were looking for applicants with “development/production experience.”

The “AAAA” term has never been seen before, with highly budgeted titles this generation sometimes known as AAA titles.

Microsoft also said the successful candidate would be involved with the title from conception to release, suggesting the game will be a big focus for Microsoft. Whether it is a launch title or not is unconfirmed.

Microsoft reiterated 2012 will be the strongest year ever for the Xbox 360, so expect no news on a next-gen Xbox.

Published: Friday, March 23rd, 2012 Last Modified: March 23, 2012

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