More Information On Surface Mini Arrives

As we mentioned earlier this week, the Surface Mini is expected to be announced later this month in a New York City event by Microsoft. New rumors surrounding it arrived on Tuesday, and details including the processor, the events host, and a possible price have gotten people interested.

The Surface Mini has gotten a lot of press in the past day or so, and the idea of Microsoft creating the perfect 7-inch tablet is making business users happy. With a powerful processor and a hopeful attractive price point, this could be a huge winner for the company.

Microsoft's Surface Mini Getting New Rumors Before Press Annoucement

ARM Powered With Qualcomm Onboard

The first big news about the Surface Mini is that it will be ARM based, and Windows RT will be the system onboard the device. It won’t be a fully powered Windows 8.1 machine like the Surface Pro, but Microsoft is rumored to have the touch version of Office ready to go at the same time as the release of the product.

Bloomberg reported on Tuesday, that the Surface Mini will have the Qualcomm Inc processors on board the product as well. Previous versions of the Surface had Nvidia based chips on board, and the move to Qualcomm shows that Microsoft is looking forward to the future, with Qualcomm already making a large percentage of mobile chips for phones & tablets now.

Microsoft's New Surface Mini To Be Shown Off By CEO Satya Nadella

Satya Nadella Hosting and Price

One of the biggest pieces of news about the New York City event was that Satya Nadella will be hosting the event, and will most likely be showcasing the new touch version of Office on the Surface Mini. This will be a flagship event to show off to the press, and Satya Nadella being there will bring the press in droves.

The price of the Surface Mini has been a question for many, and while some think that Microsoft needs to price it around $299, some are expecting as low as a $199 price. With the iPad Mini starting at $299, Microsoft needs to make the price competitive with that, and keep enterprise and business users interested in the product as well.

I’m looking forward to the Surface Mini. It should be an awesome product, and be a hit for Microsoft.

Published: Wednesday, May 7th, 2014 Last Modified: May 7, 2014

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