More Halo 4 Enemies And Weapons Detailed: Knight and Crawler Classes

Halo 4 WeaponScreenshots and descriptions of enemies and weapons were released last week, revealing sub-enemies and a few new weapons.

Halo 4 developers 343 Industries is remaining fairly quiet on what’s going to be in the campaign, outside of the E3 demo in June and the occasional video documentary that fans analyze.

Know your Promethean Knight from your Scattershot? Here’s some of the enemies and weapons we can expect in Halo 4

I don’t really want to see loads of information on Halo 4’s campaign because the excitement is built around the mystery of the new world (Requiem) and the new enemies and antagonist (the Forerunners and potentially the Didact). Developers 343 Industries revealed more information the different types of enemies and weapons.

We saw the Promethean Knight at E3 and we now know there are different types of Knight. The Knight Lancer is a scout version of the Knights that uses Promethean Vision to see through solid objects. The Knight Commander is a more resilient version of the Knight that can create Autosentry turrets. The Battlewagon Knight is described as the last resort, the most resilient version of the Knights that can also spawn Autosentry turrets. The latter version is the strongest so it seems like a mini-boss battle type of enemy.

Different Crawlers And Knights

The Crawler are also described; basically it is a feline-esque class that hunts in packs. The Alpha Crawler and Crawler Sniper are two new classes: the Alpha is the leader of packs while the Sniper seems long range. The Watcher was also described; it throws grenades back at players, though shooting it drops the grenade down and explodes nearby enemies.

Check the source link below for the full gallery of weapons; instead we’ll cover what we haven’t seen before. The Boltshot is a Forerunner pistol, the Binary Rifle is a one-shot kill weapon, he Incineration Cannon is a Rocket Launcher-Flamethrower-Spartan Laser-Plasma Launcher hybrid, the Lightrifle is a rifle supporting burst rife and single shots.

I doubt very much if the gallery is what we’re going to see this November. We don’t know who the primary antagonist is, and I imagine there are weapons we haven’t seen. Then again, we know considerably more information about the multiplayer than campaign.

Halo 4 launches November 6 on Xbox 360.

Published: Monday, September 10th, 2012 Last Modified: September 10, 2012

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