More Free Windows 7 Themes Incoming

More free themes
You can still request more Windows 7 themes to be created. We are currently updating our site and will soon release more free Windows 7 themes.

There are many topics, so please let us know what themes you are looking for.

  • What are your favorite cars/vehicles?
  • What landscapes do you like?
  • What are your favorite animals?
  • What famous people do you admire?
  • Any favorite sports?

Also, if you have problems downloading Windows 7 themes from our site, please use a webproxy to download. We will soon provide some free proxy services to download Windows 7 themes in foreign countries.

If you still have problems downloading from our site, our readers are actively uploading new themes and posting their links here on our upload site:

Download Windows 7 Themes From Our Readers

Especially the latest Windows 7 themes created by our users are pretty awesome and include new icons, sounds and lots of background images.

If you are looking for a nice selection of uploaded themes:

Best Uploaded Windows 7 Themes

Best Uploaded Windows 7 Themes

If you want to support our site, you can bookmark our homepage for latest Windows 7 themes and the best Windows 7 tutorials for beginners.

Published: Monday, October 25th, 2010 Last Modified: May 7, 2014

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