More Details On Threshold Emerge On Windows 9

Rumors about the next version of Windows have been coming out slowly across the net, and users are anxiously awaiting what could be the new replacement from Microsoft. On Wednesday, rumors about Windows 9 or Threshold emerged, sharing more details about the upcoming release.

The two biggest things that are quickly emerging about Threshold are the implements of virtual desktops and the dropping of charms. The virtual desktops will be something new in Windows but is quickly gaining steam in Redmond, with the quick dumping of the Charms bar by the same team.

Microsoft's Next Version Called Threshold To Have Virtual Desktops

How Virtual Desktops Work

The initial reports on virtual desktops emerged on, and the news about virtual desktops made technical users of Windows happy. A number of other operating systems already offer support for virtual desktops, and it allows users to run and switch more easily between apps and groups of different apps.

By running apps in different spaces that they can then view one at a time, it gives more power users and developers a new set of tools to enjoy and capture. It’s not something that many casual users will want to use, but it might be. Windows 9 is expected to bring a ton of changes, and virtual desktops is one of them.

Microsoft To Drop Charms Bar From Windows Threshold Per Rumors

No More Charms Bar

What might be positive news for Threshold is the dropping of the Charms Bar. The Charms Bar has been more of a headache in Windows 8, and something that users did not like in Windows 8. It was cumbersome and troublesome, and put things like hardware and settings off to the side, versus in a control panel.

The existing modern Windows 8 apps will allegedly be getting title bar and menus, and the settings will have its own tile. There is a strong rumor that a public preview will be available to users by the end of 2014, and hopefully is most users computers by the middle of 2015. By dropping the charms bar, the cuteness of Windows 8 will go away, and give users the real Windows that they want versus what they were given.

Thank goodness for the charms bar going away. It was dumb and kudos to Microsoft.

Published: Thursday, August 7th, 2014 Last Modified: August 7, 2014

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