More Counter-Strike Source Beta Changes

Counter-Strike Source is getting another beta update. The changes are small, but could have great effects on gameplay.

Counter Strike Source Beta Aztec

What some people did not like much about Counter-Strike: Source when it first came out was that HE grenades and flashbangs are a lot stronger than CS 1.6 player got used to. A well placed HE grenade can nearly kill you and if you run into a flashbang you could be dead any second. The smoke grenade is pretty thick and can be used for tactical advantages for example on DE_AZTEC. Now Valve is making the smoke grenade even stronger with thicker smoke.

All Beta Changes in Counter-Strike Source Update

Improved Smoke Grenade:

  • Made them expand faster.
  • Made the smoke thicker.
  • Fixed bug that made smoke less opaque to someone standing in it.

Added check to prevent clients using plugins from connecting to VAC secured servers.

  • Listen servers no longer load plug-ins unless -insecure is added to the command line.
  • Clients running with -insecure cannot connect to VAC secure servers.

Added console variable sv_competitive_minspec that enforces the following restrictions on the client:

  • r_staticprop_lod (-1 to 3)
  • r_drawdetailprops 1
  • fps_max minimum 60 (or 0)
  • cl_detailfade minimum 400
  • cl_detaildist minimum 1200
  • cl_interp (0 to 0.031)
  • cl_interp_ratio (1 to 2)

Fixed ragdolls popping with mp_fadetoblack 1

Published: Friday, August 20th, 2010 Last Modified: August 20, 2010

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