More Accessibility Features On Windows 8

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More details have been released about the advanced accessibility features on Windows 8 that will help disabled persons to work with the newest OS from Microsoft.

New Blog Post Talks About Better Accessibility On Windows 8

On a Valentine’s day post made on the Building Windows 8 blog, lead product manager for the Windows 8 Human Interaction Platform team Jennifer Norberg wrote about the various new accessibility features on the upcoming upgrade to Microsoft’s PC operating system.

According to the post, the features were developed with multiple impairments in mind such as — low vision and blindness, mobility disorders such as arthritis and cerebral palsy, low hearing and hearing loss and cognitive impairments that create problems with understanding language, comprehension, memory and sensory information.

The highlighted accessibility features on Windows 8 include an improved version of the Narrator — a tool that reads out loud the controls on the screen and talks the user through a process instead of relying on visual feedback and keyboard and mouse use. It now supports more languages and has better performance on web browsers now.

The ‘Magnifier’ that enlarges onscreen display and graphics has also been improved with better magnification, full screen support and better high contrast mode for those having difficulties with their vision.

For those with mobility impairment, Microsoft is also including better speech recognition into Windows 8. It can transcribe your voice in to text with a fair bit of accuracy and can even handle some uncommon words. Hopefully Microsoft will continue to develop it further with as much energy even after the OS is released.

The onscreen keyboard that first appeared with Windows XP will also be there on Windows 8.

Microsoft has upgraded the options for developers to take better advantage of accessibility options so that Windows 8 apps can have better in built features for accessibility options.

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Published: Saturday, February 18th, 2012 Last Modified: February 18, 2012

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