Moodle Brings Learning App To Windows 10

If you haven’t heard of Moodle, you aren’t part of the large community that enjoys open and collaborative learning efforts across the web. They have recently brought to the Windows Store, a Windows 10 app for many to enjoy.

What really makes the Moodle experience neat, is the way its a learning platform that is built within a robust ecosystem. It covers a wide range of topics and systems, but a Windows 10 app brings users its platform to the user.

Moodle App Brings Educational App To Windows 10

Moodle App Features

With the Moodle app on Windows 10, users can get the full access of courses, content, and activity online to their app. Users can download content for offline access, and upload files directly within the app.

Students can complete activities like quizzes, wikis and form postings, and can even do it offline. Students can also get notifications and see deadlines, and check grades whenever they want while using the app.

Learn and Take Classes With Moodle On Windows 10 App

Education and Workplace Uses With Updates

Where most people use the Moodle environment of learning is within the K-12 population, or within the Microsoft exclusive workplaces. It has a wide range of other uses, but it focuses on those groups for now.

The Moodle group is promising regular updates for the app, and that is set for every two months. It runs currently on 64-bit machines, and comes it slightly over 88MB for a quick overall download and installation.

If you use Moodle for learning, this Windows 10 app can be very useful. If not, try it out, and see what it offers for learning.

Published: Tuesday, July 11th, 2017 Last Modified: July 11, 2017

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