Monitor App Volumes On Own With EarTrumpet On Windows 10

While Windows 10 has become a huge hit, and Windows on its own a worldwide success, it still has its flaws, and volume control is one of them. Users wanting to control app volumes on their own have been out of luck, until now with EarTrumpet.

EarTrumpet is a free app made by File-New-Project, and it solves the needs of many people who want to control the volume of individual apps and programs. Now, you can control volumes of any app on your PC.

Control Individual App Volumes With EarTrumpet On Windows 10

EarTrumpet Features

With EarTrumpet, you ca control your classic and modern app volumes with ease. This means no matter what the app, you can control how loud it gets, and how it effects you. This is great for all kinds of video and audio apps.

It only takes two clicks to control the default audio device, and getting it setup on your Windows 10 PC or device is quite simple. Just load it up and click away, and your volumes are set. It features the Windows look, and that helps a ton.

See Seven App Volumes Available With EarTrumpet

Always Updated & Needed

With EarTrumpet, you are automatically getting updates from the Windows Store, and the company updates it quite often for its users. It also is integrated with the Feedback Hub, and the developers love feedback from their users.

The app itself isn’t really well known, and it was recently featured inside a subreddit by many users and Windows 10 writers. Now, each app has its own audio control, and that means the audio is in your control.

EarTrumpet is free and available on the Windows Store. Try it out, and you’ll never want to go back to boring Windows again.

Published: Tuesday, April 18th, 2017 Last Modified: April 18, 2017

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