Mojang’s Scrolls Heads Into Alpha, Codes Being Given Away

Mojang Scrolls Alpha Screenshots The Scrolls game developed by Mojang, which was the subject of a copyright infringement over Bethesda, is now heading into alpha with codes being offered.

Codes not a plenty: Scrolls, developed by Mojang, is heading into Alpha with a scarce amount of codes being given away

People who signed up for alpha codes for Scrolls will get a code by e-mail, with codes given out by random. More codes will be given out to people who are signed up on the list over time, but open beta is the way to get into the beta for people who didn’t sign up to the list.

The alpha includes a few features:

Deck building, though pre-configured decks are available from start. The alpha comes from a full set of scrolls, and a deck requires at least 40 scrolls with only up to three of each type. Users can choose as many decks as they like and can interchange scrolls.

Mojang Scrolls Alpha Screenshots2

Single-player content is much more limited, because users can’t explore the world or go up against bosses but they can fight an A.I. opponent. There are three difficulty settings with different decks available.

There’s also multiplayer, through an Arena where players can chat and challenge each other. Players can also queue to face a random opponent, though whoever’s played there will be a 90-second timer for players to make their move. Mojang recommends going through the tutorial and going through single-player before going into multiplayer, which will probably be pretty competitive if the success of Minecraft is anything to go by.

A Bit Like Any Card Game

Mojang reiterates that there’s going to be many changes between now and release, and new features. Players involved in the alpha can head over to to post bug reports and other feedback.

Scrolls is a card game, and the goal is to destroy an opponent’s three of five idols at the back of the game board. The scrolls are special abilities, probably why Mojang has only allowed three of each type in a deck. Example abilities include Speed, which allows creatures to rush through enemies.
Mojang will released the game half-finished at a low price, just like Minecraft, which should ensure rapid iteration based on player feedback. So if the game’s bad, blame the fans.


Published: Thursday, July 5th, 2012 Last Modified: April 6, 2015

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