Modern UI vs. Metro – Old Branding May Not Be Banned From Use In Windows 8 Store Apps

Metro App Branding In Sotre

Metro is long gone in Windows 8 and Microsoft wants you to know about it. Maybe. Conflicting information suggest developers aren’t allowed to use Metro apps built for the upcoming operating system, presumably because Modern UI is the branding.

If you’re building an app for Windows 8, you may want to check out the Metro references

Developers building apps for Windows 8 may have to remove the Metro references from the apps, at least according to reports yesterday. Modern UI’s replacement for Metro is probably the reason why.

Microsoft updated its app certification guidelines and said Metro references would cause apps to be denied. That means apps with Metro in the name are probably going to get banned immediately, and therefore the apps will have Metro references aplenty.

The reason for the ban is due to the dispute with Metro MG, a German partner and reseller for Microsoft. Microsoft continues to insist Metro is a codename — and always wasn’t final — but Metro was cited in blog posts after the release to manufacturing announcement. That was the impression from the outside anyway.

Modern UI refers to the new tile-based user interface — seen in Windows Phone, and on the Xbox 360’s dashboard from 2011 — and the design polarized the Windows community. The design seems suited to tablets, and touch inputs therefore, rather than a mouse and keyboard. The super quick navigation seems to be lost with the latter. Hopefully there won’t be a pushback from the community when Windows 8 releases.

WpCentral reported later yesterday the ruling was a mistake, and has existed in previous versions of Windows 8 before being deleted. It’s strange how Microsoft’s deleted the ruling, but the company has inconsistently removed references to Metro across its services. However, developers are told to not use names trademarked by others.

We’re guessing developers will, eventually, have to remove Metro from apps. I doubt Microsoft wants a codename referenced in final apps. And it would just be confusing to consumers.

Modern UI is probably a better name than Metro;I’ve said how Metro is abstract, and it wouldn’t resonate with consumers. Modern UI isn’t a massive improvement, though it’s at least self explanatory. I would have preferred, simply, Windows 8.

Windows 8 launches October 26.

Published: Thursday, August 16th, 2012 Last Modified: August 18, 2012

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