MMO News: Original Guild Wars Names Can Now be Reserved, We Discuss Final Beta Weekend

Pick Guild Wars 2 Name

ArenaNet has announced original Guild Wars name can now be reserved, up to July 31, as the company has just over four weeks before launch. And the final beta weekend was last week.

Want to continue your Guild Wars legacy? Then log back into the original Guild Wars, to reserve your character’s names!

Pick Guild Wars 2 Name

ArenaNet has announced original Guild Wars players have until July 31 to reserve the character’s names, before the game releases August 28 (or August 25, if you pre-purchased). The final beta weekend finished last Sunday, too.

ArenaNet announced the feature on its official blog, and the reservation list is being built on July 31, and since character names can only be reserved from active accounts player have to log in. Character names won’t be reserved indefinitely: a character using the same name must be created during the three-day Headstart Access period or on launch day. It’s unclear if character names are only available until August 28, or there’s a launch window around August 28.

Whatever, just log into Guild Wars and reserve your character name. As long as your teenage self didn’t create the characters, and therefore choose thought-to-be-cool-names which now suck.

Final Guild Wars 2 Beta Weekend

As mentioned the final Guild Wars 2 beta weekend ran from July 20-22, and seemed very polish. I played a sylvari Ranger, a class and race I hadn’t tried, and have decided it will be my first character. The support/defensive playstyle is how I prefer to play, and comboing a Longbow with a Greatsword providing a nice balance of short- and long-range attacks.

I like the Longbow because the main skill is more powerful as you move further away from the enemy, and you can invest in traits to increase your range. Then there’s Barrage, which cripples enemies and does rapid damage. Utility skills, even though I only unlocked two slots, allowed me to lock enemies in place. If enemies got close, then I switched to the Greatsword.

I could switch to the Greatsword, get a few quick hits, use my second skill and leap backwards, avoid attacks, and leap back again. I could finally roll around the opposite site of the enemy, and activate a poison effect.

Guild Wars 2 releases August 28 for PC.


Published: Tuesday, July 24th, 2012 Last Modified: July 24, 2012

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