MLG Pros Get Invited To Play Halo 4, And They Share Their Impressions

Mlg Professionals Playing Halo4

343 gained feedback from MLG pros on the Halo 4 multiplayer, who seemed pretty happy.

MLG professionals got to play Halo 4, twice, in a special E3 event

343 Industries is making big changes to Halo 4, and so it’s probably a good idea to get opinions from current MLG professionals on what they think. Videos from some of the most famous, notably Walshy, have gone live and their impressions seemed to be pretty positive with the final day of E3 2012 left.

Walshy, in his second time round, talked about loadouts. He said there are at least over 1300 possible combinations, and more options are to come. There are two categories of options for the loadouts, Tactical and Support. You get one of each, with one of the options for Support being Shielding. This means, on top of the fast shield recharge rate, it becomes even faster. Shields recharge left to right, rather than from both sides like in Halo: Reach.

Firepower is another, which allows players to spawn with two primary weapons. In-game, players can of course pick up two primary weapons. Resupply is the ability to pick up grenades off teammates and enemy’s bodies, which can’t be grabbed without the ability. That’s definitely a good idea because Halo: Reach has the problem of grenades being thrown all the time, and being too powerful. As I’ve said before, grenades are for support and suppression. They should be used in conjunction with another weapon.

AA Efficiency – Armor Ability Efficiency – is next, which increases the recharge rate. Walshy said abilities such as Thruster, which is a one-time boost and replaces Evade, recharge slowly anyway. Hopefully that won’t mean Armor Abilities get spammed all the time, and recharge rates are slow by default.

Support Options

Ammo means spawning weapons, and picking them up from Ordnance Drops, have more ammo. Awareness now means you have a radar while zoomed in, which means sniping and zooming in has less danger as you see players approaching. Mobility also allows you to have unlimited sprint, which runs out by default after around seven seconds according to Walshy. Hopefully it’s a slow sprint, which Walshy confirmed. For Big Team Battle it will be helpful, but not so much for 4 vs 4.

Published: Sunday, June 10th, 2012 Last Modified: June 10, 2012

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