Miyamoto Praises Angry Birds, Describes As Favourite Game of Past Year (+Theme)

Angry Birds Space Shigeru Miyamoto

Mobile phenomenon Angry Birds (latest release “Space”) earns praise from legendary designer.

Angry Birds has impressed everyone, it seems, with Shigeru Miyamoto the latest to like the series

Like Angry Birds? You’re not the only one. Legendary game designer Shigeru Miyamoto says he loves the games, describing it as his favourite game of the past year.

The original Angry Birds was a phenomenon when released on iPhones, freshening up an old tower defense formula with birds. Players can use different types of birds, which have different abilities, such as homing in on enemies, to knock down structures and defeat pigs. Using less birds to kill all the pigs means more points. It’s that simple formula which has been a worldwide hit, causing Rovio to be approach by Zynga for more than a billion dollars and spawning a toy collection. Still, Rovio insist they’re aren’t a game company.

Angry Birds has been download over 600 million times. When asked about his favourite games he said “Angry Birds, maybe.” He added that the title still feels like a videogame, but brings creativity.

For a game to earn praise from Miyamoto is rare and, if Rovio still don’t consider themselves a video game company, they should do now.

Iwata slams smartphone games

Miyamoto’s comments differ to Nintendo president Satoru Iwata’s, who attacked cheap games (like those found on iOS). He said “traditional” video game companies had to focus on one question: “is maintaining the high value of games a priority or not?” He said Nintendo was producing games that held. Nintendo America boss Reggie Fils-Aime also said it was surprising to hear Miyamoto praising a smartphone game. He previously described smartphone games as “candidly disposable,” and I agree.

I bought Angry Birds Space, played about 20 levels of the first world, and haven’t played it since. Why? Well, I prefer the social aspect of Xbox Live when chatting with friends. I also don’t feel guilt from not playing a smartphone game, because they cost less than a pound. If I buy a console game, I’ll want to play it through. As a result there’s a different mindset, as I think through what I want to buy.

Personally speaking, I never really ‘got’ Angry Birds: I thought it was shallow, repetitive and boring, and overhyped and overbought.

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Published: Tuesday, April 17th, 2012 Last Modified: April 17, 2012

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