Mix Gets WYSIWYG Editing For Office Mix Puzzles & Polls

The Office Mix product has been widely received and applauded by many whom have used it, and the product has gotten favorable reviews from users. On Tuesday, Microsoft updated the Office Mix product, buy including WYSIWYG ediitng to quizes and polls for the product.

By updating Office Mix with the updated visual features, educators are going to be the captive market for Office Mix. The ability to write quiz questions, and see visual responses to it, is sure to grasp the educational market and of those who use Office Mix.

Microsoft Updates Office Mix With WSYIWIG Editing Support

WYSIWYG Editing Support

Now, with the WYSIWYG editng support, quizes and polls get a lot more interesting with Office Mix. Users can now type out formulae as simple as E=MC2 in an example, or develop complex formulas. This is important for the education market, as the visual example shows here.

The visual representation that can be introduced into Office Mix puzzles and polls will certainly get a lot more interesting for users, on both ends of the usability factor. New floating toolbars, and asking authors questions now becomes available via this simple update to Office Mix.

Microsoft Lets Users Author Questions With Office Mix Update

Uses Beyond Education

Users will be able to now introduce images, tables, horizontal rule lines, font formatting, bulleted and numbered lists, and a number of special characters in quiz and poll questions. Office Mix can now include math formulas, special questions, and include amazing new types of uses.

Additionally, a floating toolbar will appear as noted when users author a question. This is another newly requested feature for Office Mix, and gives users who are looking to get interactive, reasons to try Office Mix. Office Mix goes beyond just a presentation platform with questions.

The new updates are live on Office Mix. Try them out, and post links to your favorite Mixes.

Published: Wednesday, July 22nd, 2015 Last Modified: July 22, 2015

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