Mission Impossible 4: Ghost Protocol Windows 7 Theme With Sound Theme And Desktop Backgrounds

Ethan Hunt will be back in December going on an impossible mission. Join him with this cool Windows 7 theme with a Mission Impossible sound theme and desktop images – exclusive W7T download!
Mission Impossible 4 Wallpaper And Themes

The movie will hit theaters on December 16 in the US and December 21 world-wide. The world premiere is surprisingly in one of the locations of the 4th movie of the franchise: Dubai.

Josh Holloway (Sawyer in LOST) is starring in this 140 million movie. Various characters from the previous movies will also return.

Here’s the full cast:

  • Tom Cruise – Ethan Hunt
  • Ving Rhames – Luther Stickell
  • Jeremy Renner – Brandt
  • Josh Holloway – Trevor Hanaway
  • Simon Pegg – Benji Dunn
  • Paula Patton – Jane Carter
  • Anil Kapoor – Brij Nath
  • Vladimir Mashkov – Russian secret agent
  • Samuli Edelmann as an antagonist
  • Tom Wilkinson – IMF leader

Ghost Protocol Trailer

Desktop Backgrounds

We created various wallpaper for this Windows 7 theme that you can exclusively download from our site. Enjoy!
Mission Impossible 4 Wallpaper 1
Download Ghost Protocol Wallpaper 1

Mission Impossible 4 Wallpaper 2
Download Ghost Protocol Wallpaper 2

Mission Impossible 4 Wallpaper 3
Download Ghost Protocol Wallpaper 3

Download Windows 7 Theme + Movie Poster

You can download this Windows 7 theme and the movie poster here:

Download Mission Impossible 4 Wallpaper 1

Published: Tuesday, November 29th, 2011 Last Modified: November 29, 2011

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