Minecraft XBLA Update Brings Creeper Costume, 40 Skins Collectively

Minecraft Skins Pack For Xbla Minecraft for Xbox Live Arcade gets its first update, as it plays catch-up with its PC counterpart.

Minecraft on XBLA is pretty good, and in some ways better than on PC, and XBLA-themed costumes are coming!

So I got Minecraft for Xbox Live Arcade for the low price of free, due to a Raptr reward or something I wasn’t really aware of but stumbled upon. Anyway, for those who did buy the game additional paid content is coming: skin packs, including a Creeper costumer.

On its PlayXBLA blog, Microsoft said there will be a 1.7.3 Title Update. It will include custom skins for Steve – the character you play – with 8 skins in the game by default. The Skin Pack DLC, which includes the Creeper skin among other costumes, detailed below, will release around the same time.

Those who buy the DLC will get 40 additional skins, which is still a way off the limitless costumes that are free and can be created by anyone for the PC version. We’ll have to see what the final size of the DLC is, but it would be nice if Microsoft just bundled up the most popular costumes for free in a DLC pack.

Can I Play As Master Chief Yet?

Skins can be tried before bought, and the other skins can be seen before they’re bought. The themed skins in the DLC pack are a Creeper, ‘Splosion Man from the self-titled game, Trials Man from Trials HD and Trials Evolution, a Covenant Grunt from Halo – which looks scary with human proportions – and a King costume.

Two players will be able to be in the same game wearing the same costume, more skins are coming in the future (Power Rangers skin, please) and Microsoft isn’t revealing what the 40-skin pack will include. No release date or price was given.

Minecraft debuted on May, 9 2012, selling 2 million copies to become the fastest selling Xbox Live Arcade game ever – just a week after Trials Evolution sold 600,000 copies and set the record – and showed recipes rather than users having to figure them out. Apart from that, and the ability the create custom skins and download them for free, it’s identical. It retails for 1,600 Microsoft Points, or $20.

Published: Thursday, July 5th, 2012 Last Modified: April 6, 2015

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