Minecraft Beta Release Date

Minecraft, as of right now, is still an alpha version, but Notch is working hard to reach beta status. There’s no official beta release date yet, but it will be soon. More details after the break.

Minecraft beta release date

Beta release date soon!

Expected release date: – Early December –

Notch has confirmed on his blog notch.tumblr.com that he is going to make a push towards beta soon. If he manages to get a stable multiplayer survival mode he will release the beta. So the beta release date may be very soon, possibly even early December or late November if everything goes smoothly.

Beta will be slightly more expensive
Once Minecraft is out of alpha phase, it will also cost slightly more. So, if you are playing Minecraft online for free, what are you waiting for? Purchase it now and save some bucks or you’ll have to pay more in the end.

Free updates for life!
Notch will continue to update the game for a pretty long time and hired additional staff, so that he can concentrate on developing the important parts of Minecraft. So, if you ask me you’re getting quite a lot for very little money (roughly 10€ or $14 right now).

Published: Sunday, November 7th, 2010 Last Modified: November 7, 2010

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